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Who would win a ski race Clinton or Obama?

Steve Lynn,Vail, CO, Colorado
NWS altitude sickness skier KA 01-27-08

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado Voters may never know whether Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton skis faster. On a downhill course, the Democratic candidates would be hundredths of a second apart: They have won two states apiece in the presidential primaries and caucuses. So with some knowledge of the presidential personalities, and of their wins and losses on the campaign trail, skiers and snowboarders at Beaver Creek Mountain on Sunday guessed which Democratic candidate might win a ski race.

Clinton would win because she has stood up to all the male candidates in her campaign, Susan McKenzie, of Florida, said. Shes got the drive and the spunk, she said. With Obamas experience as a state Senator from 1997 to 2004 and as a U.S. Senator, Larry Burton, of Washington, D.C., pointed out that the Democratic candidate has quickly worked his way up through the political ranks. Obama would do the same with ski racing, Burton said. Hillary strikes me as a bit of a plodder, Burton said. Unlike Obama, Clintons build is more like that of a ski racer, Tanya Kern, of Denver, said .I think of (ski racers) as stocky and thick, Kern said. Theyre not willowy.Clinton actually may know how to ski. She told voters in New Hampshire that she learned to ski there, according to an ABC News blog. I would just get to the top, and I would just go straight down. I never took a lesson, Clinton said in December, according to the blog.Bill Harber, of Michigan, said he questioned whether Clinton went straight down. I dont know how she missed the trees, Harber said. Does Clinton need a push from her husband, Bill, down the slopes to beat Obama?Instead, Bill should wait at the bottom of the slope and say job well done when Clinton finishes the race, Selina McGee, of Oklahoma, said. Hes just there for moral support, McGee said. She could do it without him.Wheezing down the slopeObama would win because he looks heavier and stronger, Cheryl Fisher, of Indiana, said. She doesnt look like she does anything physical, Fisher said about Clinton. Obama would charge down the mountain, Jaimee Boyd, of Golden, said. Would Clintons short, sculpted hair put her at a disadvantage in the race? She looks like she would want to be safe and not mess her hair up, Boyd said. Barack doesnt have hair or too much of it.Due to his cigarette smoking habit, Obama might lose a race at high altitude, Mel Crichton, of Indiana, said. I could see him wheezing down the slope, Crichton said. Obama probably has bad knees from begging for votes all the time, Steve Smith, of Texas, said. I think shes overtaking whoevers in front of her by any means possible, Smith said about Clinton.

Who would win a ski race between the presidential candidates with the most delegates, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and John McCain? One might ski cross country, another might ski slalom and the other might ski downhill, Bruce Stephenson, of Florida, said.

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