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Who’s unfit for democracy?

Don Rogers

Vail officials noted that the most voters ever took part in the town election this week.That put the turnout at a whopping 36 percent of eligible voters who actually cast ballots.Over in Iraq, meantime, more than 60 percent of those folks who are dismissed as utterly unfit for democracy just voted in their second election.Once again the real story of our Vail Valley elections is how few people take part in decisions that weigh quite heavily on their daily lives. The county election last week managed to muster a whole 45 percent of the voters. Woo. Woo. That’s an awful lot of citizens who can’t be bothered to make decisions dealing directly with their tax dollars, their community’s future, their quality of life.So, explain again how Iraqis and Afghanis risk their lives to vote but actually are unworthy or are incapable of appreciating democracy. Yet here in this bastion of democracy we who so richly deserve our station can’t be bothered.If the use-it-or-lose-it law that applies to muscle tone and brain cells also applies to governance, America is in some trouble.No wonder special interests have their way. The citizenry can’t be bothered. Vail, Colorado

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