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Whose mountain is that on new Colorado stamp?

Bill Scanlon
Rocky Mountain News
Vail, CO Colorado
Rocky Mountain NewsA new 42-cent stamp featuring the Colorado state flag was unveiled on Flag Day, June 14. It shows the state flag alongside snowy peaks and evergreen trees.

DENVER, Colorado ” That mountain on Colorado’s new postal stamp could be any old peak, but it looks an awful lot like a mountain in Wyoming.

And that doesn’t sit right with a Colorado mountain-climbing enthusiast who spotted the similarity between the artist’s depiction on the stamp and Mount Helen, a 13,620-foot peak in the Northern Wind River Range in Wyoming.

Mountaineer Bob Michael of Fort Collins alerted Channel 7 in Denver of the similarities, and the TV station put comparison photos on its Web site.

No fraud, no intentional deception, say postal officials.

USPS spokesman Al DeSarro contacted the artist this morning to make sure.

“We confirmed it,” he said. “The artist did not use a picture of Mount Helen in his representation of the new Colorado flag stamp.

“He used his own illustrative imagination, depicting a mountain representing the Rockies.”

Still, when Denver’s 7 superimposed an image of Mount Helen over the mountain on the stamp, the similarities along the ridge lines were striking.

DeSarro said, “It does have similarities at the top, but going over to the left side, there are differences.

“When you have tens of thousands of mountains … I think it’s just a coincidence.”

DeSarro is hoping the mini-controversy may even spur sales of the new 42-cent stamp.

The stamp was designed by famed stamp artist Tom Engeman, who designed the Forever Stamp and has been commissioned to design all 50 of the state flag series, and stamps for the flags of the U.S. territories as well.

The first eight state flag stamps ” Alabama through Delaware, alphabetically ” were unveiled on Flag Day, June 14.

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