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Why I don’t support Obama

Dear Inga Causey,

Thank you for an extremely well-written article. I have some questions and comments.

1. Obama will enact a windfall profits tax on excessive oil company profits. How does Obama define what is excessive? Oil companies have made less profit than other sectors ” i.e., the tech world, service Industries and other sectors. Why not a windfall profits tax on all companies that make more than a certain profit? Maybe we could them bankrupt all of these companies, the government can take them over, and we then have a socialistic society.

2. Where will Obama obtain the following money you mentioned? Please don’t say “the rich” or does Obama want to bankrupt them also so he can shut down Vail and Aspen economies!

– Jump start our economy ” $50 billion

– Clean energy economy “$150 billion

– Child support enforcement ” $4.9 billion

Total: $204.9 billion

From where does this $204.9 billion come? How will he collect $20 billion from those “deadbeat dads;” how much will that cost?

3. Now for some comments.

Please explain exactly what Obama did as a “community organizer.” How long did he hold this job and what did he accomplish?

You felt personally attacked by Governers Palin and Giuliani’s comments. How do you think Sarah Palin and John McCain feel by all of the cheap shots and nasty comments made by the press over the past two to three weeks? Some “Fems” and male press have derided and ridiculed Gov. Palin’s to be president. In reality, Sarah Palin has had far more executive experience than Obama, Biden, and McCain combined.

Here is the last straw and why I would not even consider voting for Obama. Obama’s recent ad, which he approved, has this to say about McCain: “McCain is so out of touch with the 21 Century he cannot even send e-mails.”

Here is the reason he does not send e-mail: His fingers were badly beaten, bloodied and broken several times as a POW! His fingers are stiff, and they still hurt.

In closing, I again compliment you for a very well written article on “why I support Obama.” I hope you understand why I support the McCain-Palin ticket.

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