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Why people don’t vote

Carlos Abel

Dear politicians:

I wrote an article about how insulting it is to see some advertising focusing on how bad the opponents are. Also, I wrote about the lack of any constructive messages. There are more reasons. Have you ever wondered why so many people don’t go out to vote? We, the middle class, have more interests on other things than the political and economic issues.

We are humans; we are entities with more than one side. The material body with its needs. The intellectual area with its needs. The spiritual area and its needs. All the parts working together in one body. I have not seen any message in my life that treats us, the voters with a “holistic approach.”

We are wonderful human beings, and the most human quality that I admire in us is our right to make mistakes. When the process of making mistakes goes together with learning, then we have positive people. Otherwise we have some cynical people who know the difference between bad and good and then choose to keep doing bad things because of the media to get more money-power-money-power.

It is the 21st century. It is the time to change. We have to give more constructive messages to our future generation. We need to teach them ethics. We need to show them how to do positive politics that will lead to better government, a government committed to a holistic human being in a holistic world.

Yes, yes. Carlos is a naive dreamer. Yes, I can see a better world if all of us see ourselves as a holistic, positive part of the universe.

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