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Why the fury three years later?

Don Rogers

The underlying mystery to all this outrage today over a 3-year-old essay suggesting 9/11 terrorists thought America was their enemy is, of course, this: Why now?Surely students at a tiny Upstate New York college protesting the appearance of the author of the essay, University of Colorado professor Wade Churchill, would be unlikely matches for a wildfire that has our governor calling for the head of the prof on a platter.Funny thing, the essay at the time caused no stir at all despite a provocative line referring to the “little Eichmanns” in the Twin Towers – a frankly lame reference to people who work for a living in the financial world as opposed to the prof’s little Fantasy Island in which he’s a real Indian and gets to prattle on about the oppressed peoples of the world, real and perhaps too much than is good for his rep, imagined. So now CU’s regents are now pretending to study this serious issue, just as they pretended to look into the football team scandal, and are pretending to want to take action to ease the shame of fully earning acclaim as America’s No. 1 party school. It may require a few more deaths by alcohol poisoning to truly get these folks’ attention.But never mind that tragi-comedy. What’s with all this fuming over that most core value of being able to say exactly what you think in this country? It ain’t as if the goofy professor shouted “Fire!” in a theater. His sentiment was hardly original, even at the time. It was eye-rollingly trite, actually, the work of a freshman. None of this seems to merit the talk show hollering, the headlines, the raw rage as if 9/11 were inflicted yesterday. We didn’t care what Churchill wrote then. That’s the interesting part. Why now? And why this? Vail, Colorado

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