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Why we live here …

Don Rogers

For Vail, Friday was Day One of the reason we live here.Opening day at Vail Mountain. Snow. Can there be a better combination? The season is on.Let the columnists, clergy and Kansas argue over intelligent design. Let the council deal with Crossroads, or the bid for Ginnturn, as the case may be.Let the gas run out, the days fly by – ideally, lots of them powder ones.Losing their wayEven George Will is exasperated. The intellectual conservative expresses his ire in a column this week at “intelligent design” eroding the larger movement.In Pennsyvania and Kansas, “overreaching social conservatives” try to “conscript government into sectarian crusades,” he writes. And the spending, oh the spending in Washington these days. The right is in control and they’re as bad or worse than those damnable liberals with our money.Recently, Will went off on the “K Street conservatives,” referencing the incredible spendthrift and reckless lobbying culture symbolized by one Tom DeLay.Remember, this is an ardent and unapologetic conservative thinker here. Republicans take note. If you lose even George Will, you’ve got some major problems under that big tent, which ain’t really all that big with those elephants. The flatulence, fat checks and smug faith permeating the party will drive lots of folks – voters – away. Vail, Colorado

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