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Why we live in Eagle

Kathleen Brown
Eagle, CO, Colorado

My husband and I live in Eagle Ranch. We often have the pleasure of watching the elk in the winter on the golf course.

This morning, the elk were starting to head up and off the course and about to cross Eagle Ranch Road. We noticed a van stopped as the elk started to cross. Rather than taking a few minutes and allowing them to cross, the person honked their horn, frightening the elk back.

My point is that this person missed out on the whole reason we all live here: the beauty of the mountains and wildlife. He or she could have watched 20 or so head of elk walk right in front them. Not very many people get that opportunity.

We should never take for granted the beauty in which we have chosen to live. Slow down, and enjoy. If not, maybe you should think about moving back to the city!

Kathleen Brown


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