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Why we take Vail’s election seriously

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – What a thrill so see so many great candidates for the Vail Town Council.

Now, how to choose among them?

The Daily’s editorial board is working through the endorsement interviews and weighing what the council needs most, the best mix of minds for these times, and which candidates would work the best together for a majority that makes the best decisions possible.

We have the easy part, of course. We interview candidates, consider the town and its issues from our longstanding ringside seat, debate, sometimes argue and occa-sionally one or more of us pulls some hair out in this process. But ultimately, ours is only a recom-mendation.

One vote is worth, oh, about a million recom-mendations, we know. Still, we take it seriously, and not presuming to be some sort of kingmaker. That’s not the point at all, and thankfully for all concerned, the citizenry sometimes agrees with us and often does not.

We’re simply one more observer, from our unique vantage, and we offer our view as any responsible paper with a bit of backbone does across the land. The goal really is to nudge discus-sion and maybe encourage you to consider points that you might not have otherwise.

Please do take the time to understand your town’s issues, see which candidates best will rep-resent your beliefs about what’s best for Vail, and vote.

This is a particularly crucial time for Vail, giv-en the Great Recession and how that may well have changed the community and resort in fun-damental ways. The next council majority will make a huge dif-ference in how Vail weathers these times, for better or for worse.

What combination of candidates will best form a team to lead the town through? We tend to favor a diversity of opinion and experi-ence – along with basic competency, of course. Widely ranging views and even rivals have the best chance of making sure key points don’t get overlooked, and that decisions are thoroughly thought out through the miracles of active, respectful debate.

So hopefully like you, we have our ears perked and eyes wide open as we watch this mercifully short election season play out.

And we’re counting on you, on behalf of the entire valley, to choose well. What happens in Vail, after all, will ripple across the county.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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