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Widespread Panic-friendly band plays 8150

Daily Staff Report

A self proclaimed Bloodkin Tribute Band, the Henry Parsons Project started out as a few friends getting together to play the music they loved in a friend’s basement. As dedicated jamsters are want to do, they started gathering a following. A few months of rigorous touring, insane gigs and too much Budweiser moved the group out of the basement and onto the stage.

Now known as more of a Widespread Panic cover band, they’re still rocking out, encouraging people to dance and sing along. The Henry Parsons Project is Tori “Paydirt” Parsons (guitar, vocals), Josh “Hobo” Parsons (bass), Mark “Hollywood” Parsons (drums), Jeff “Birddog” Parsons (percussion), Peter “Voodoo Chicken” Parsons (guitar, vocals) and Ethan “Iceman” Parsons (keyboards). They play 8150 tonight at 10. For more information, call the venue at 479-0607.

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