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Wild Bill’s

Joy Overbeck

Hankering for a Davy Crockett coonskin hat with a real coon face peering down over your brow with his tail flopping down the back: this is the joint. Also available in skunk and fox with the authentic critters – “road kill hats” proprietor Bill Hanlon calls them, and he should know. Wild Bill also carries some very seriously wonderful traditional cowboy hats.

Since 1967, this shop has specialized in slice-of-the-Wild West mementos for Vail visitors to cart home to Uncle Clarence in Connecticut. Score a carved chainsaw bear or eagle, a belt, a bolo tie, a huge silver belt buckle, or maybe a jackalope to mount over the fireplace. Most giftable are signs with sayings that form Westerners’ core value system: “Eat, Drink and Remarry”; “Life’s Too Short to Dance with Ugly Women”; “Grow Yer Own Dope, Plant a Man.”

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