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Wild Blooms aims to make you dance

Cassie Pence

VAIL – Can you think and dance at the same time? Wild Blooms hopes you can. That’s exactly what the band is aiming for tonight at the Sandbar Sports Grill in West Vail.Based in Colorado, Wild Blooms is currently in the midst of shifting gears. The band has always been singer/songwriter type players. Now the group is being influenced by dance music coming out of Europe, like Chill Cafe. The progression is evident on their second and latest compact disc, “Modified Additive,” where the group began experimenting with electric, loops and samples.

“We have always been and will always be a very song-oriented band. We like lyrics and melodies and the interplay of arrangement,” said Kevin Johnson, guitar, vocals, percussion and samples. “We’re looking to fuse together the rhythmic aspects of dance music, that really infectious groove that DJs lay out, but put really strong songs with those grooves. That’s one thing I think is missing in the dance world. I like the visceral end of it, the driving beats, but the cerebral part of it leaves me empty.”Johnson and lead vocalist Carol Turner, who also plays the flute, accordion, percussion and guitar, were first turned on to the grooves of dance music when they were touring in Europe. Then Johnson, a professional musician for 15 years, started noticing a trend in dance clubs around the country – the places were packed.

“What we see is that the DJs are the ones who are driving big crowds now. It used to be live bands, now it’s the DJs. And the reason is I know the minute I walk through the door there is a guy whose entire job for the whole night is to make me want to dance,” Johnson said.Johnson along with Turner, David Sachs (drums, percussion) and Jim Belcher (fretless bass) are making a conscious effort to connect with the audience and impel the audience to dance and react. The group wants the crowd to feel like they’re just as much part of the show as the musicians on stage.

“Live bands have gotten away from that. We want people to join the vibe and energy of our show,” said Johnson.Hawaiian transplant Jamie Gallo Lee will open for Wild Blooms. You may have seen her wow the crowd during Sandbar’s open mic night on Mondays.For more information, contact the Sandbar Sports Grill in West Vail at (970) 476-4314.Vail Colorado

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