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Wild for exhibition at 8150

Daily Staff Writer
Special to the Daily A band of wild animals, the Menagerie, perform for bouncy crowds at 8150 tonight at 10.

“Menagerie” has two dictionary definitions: 1. a collection of wild animals. 2. exhibition. Mesh these two connotations together and you have the Boulder-based band Menagerie, which plays 8150 tonight at 10 for a free concert.Formed in 2000 by Mile High City natives Eric Holder (guitarist/synthesizer keyboardist/vocalist) and Tyler Olmsted (funky bass guitarist/vocalist), these current and former members have always lived up to their dictionary definition – wild for exhibition. After a few lineup changes, Menagerie has finally created a powerful foursome.

Each member brings a different and highly unique trait to the stage. Native of Birmingham, Ala., Pete Castleberry (drummer, lead vocalist) joined the band late in 2001. His addition brought the warm, soulful voice of a good ol’ Southern boy and the amazing time kept on the “Pork Pie Percussion” drum kit he bangs on. The boys started off playing college house parties in Boulder, small club gigs along the Rocky Mountain Front Range, monthly performances at the famous Fox Theater and eventually, after teaming up with a young, energetic businessman, four national tours.

After months and months of being on the road expanding their eclectic sound to the masses of the free world, it was time again to say goodbye to yet another member of the band. Ethan Ice is the new kid on the block, who hit the stage for the first time in late August. The San Francisco native brings his rhythmic flow of the electric piano and digital organ to the band, adding a familiar flair the boys had once known. Menagerie crafts its own sound, with influences ranging from the unique songwriting style of Pink Floyd to the hard-rockin’ noise of bands like Metallica and The Band of Gypsies.

Catch the wild animal exhibition at 8150 tonight at 10.Vail, Colorado

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