Wild Sage owners take over Boneyard restaurant space in Eagle

Capitol Public House will be the name of new Eagle eatery

From left: Kevin Nelson, Casey Glowacki and John Delaney stand in front of the former Boneyard restaurant in Eagle Ranch. Nelson and Glowacki are managing partners at Wild Sage in Eagle Ranch and took over the Boneyard restaurant space on the same street. Delaney will be the new general manager at Capitol Public House.
Capitol Public House/Courtesy photo

The Boneyard in Eagle will get a fresh, new look once neighboring restaurateurs Casey Glowacki and Kevin Nelson take over the space in downtown Eagle Ranch.

“We’ve got a signed lease so it’s official. We are moving forward with a new restaurant in Eagle Ranch called Capitol Public House,” said Casey Glowacki, who also owns the Drunken Goat restaurant and Cut, a seafood and meat shop, in Edwards.

Kevin Nelson is Glowacki’s chef and managing partner at Wild Sage, which opened earlier this summer. Nelson will be overseeing both Wild Sage and Capitol Public House kitchens but the commute won’t be long since the two restaurants are across the street from each other. Nelson is known for quality, made-from-scratch food, so the new place will stay with that theme but it will be applied to a bar and grill-style restaurant.

“The best definition of the new menu would be gastropub. It’s going to be elevated bar food, comfort food in a very comfortable, family-oriented atmosphere,” Glowacki said. “The town of Eagle has spoken loudly that they wanted to keep a place where they could let their kids loose in the backyard while having a quality beverage and something yummy to eat, and that’s what we’re going to give them.”

Glowacki said they are already working on a curated menu that is going to feature some classics but done in the new restaurant’s style. Look for burgers, Reubens, pizzas and more. Capitol Public House will also showcase an extensive list of bourbons and whiskeys.

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“Our general manager, John Delaney, is really excited about a very aggressive bourbon and whiskey program. He’s bouncing around a bunch of ideas for ways to make it fun and make it be the place to go for bourbon and whiskey drinks downvalley.”

Their target opening date with the new concept is mid-January. Glowacki has enlisted the interior design skills of Susan Nowakowski of Zehren and Associates in Avon, who also worked on Wild Sage.

“The challenge is to bring it back to a square room and make it feel cohesive to the restaurant. We’ve got a giant bar in there, and that is going to stay. We’re not moving around a bunch of walls or doing a whole lot of construction, we’re more or less cleaning it up and putting some interior design elements into it,” Glowacki said.

Although Capitol Public House will open during the winter, Glowacki said they are already looking forward to summer and how they are going to use the space.

“Our plans next summer are to really maximize the patio and the stage and have a ton of live music,” Glowacki said.

The new Capitol Public House will take over the former Boneyard restaurant in mid-January. The space is known for having a lively patio scene with live music and a place for kids to roam during the warmer months.
Sean Naylor/Vail Daily

Before moving back to Colorado, Glowacki owned and operated seven restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina. Glowacki was born and raised in Colorado and wanted a slower pace of life when he sold off the Charleston restaurants. He didn’t expect to be back owning multiple restaurants, but he said with the team he has, it’s easy and fun to do.

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“I have such phenomenal people on board with me, and this opportunity to take over the Boneyard space kind of fell into my lap,” he said. “I wasn’t really looking to recreate what I was doing in Charleston all over again, but I like to say I’ll stop doing it when it’s no longer fun, but right now I really feel like I’ve caught my second wind and we’ve just got a really solid situation at the Drunken Goat, Wild Sage is off to a great start and we’re so excited about Capitol Public House.”

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