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Wild West Day wildly successful

Special to the Daily | Brian MaloneyThe funds raised at Wild West Day help buy the extra things not usually included in the school budget that help make learning fun. Money raised has funded Jazz Goes to School, visits from local storytellers, field trips to the Denver Mint and Denver Zoo, a school-managed greenhouse, an after-school Spanish club, science kits and library bookshelves.

WOLCOTT – Those kids you heard laughing and giggling is what fundraising sounds like at its best.

More than 3,000 people rolled through 4 Eagle Ranch for Wild West Day, the annual benefit for Eagle County’s nine elementary schools.

That’s a lot of satisfied customers.

Hundreds of volunteers worked thousands of hours to raise tens of thousands of dollars.

“It was a great success,” said Sam Gale, this year’s Wild West Day chairperson. “We had a beautiful day and nothing but fun.”

To make it happen, Sunday’s Wild West Day event required 500 volunters, Gale said. They cover everything from a shift at the bingo table to parking cars, to riding herd on the slime eating contest – that table where kids suck down green Jell-O as fast as possible.

Another 90 volunteers hammer down the zillions of details leading up to the event – 10 volunteers from each of the county’s nine elementary schools.

Gale said they thought they might be a bit short on vounteers, so the Eagle Valley High School guidance counselors asked for students to step up. They were stampeded.

“We were inundated with student volunteers,” Gale said. “They were fantastic.”

The event raised $17,900 last year and while they’re not done tallying this year yet, they’ll be close, Gale said.

“The support we got from local businesses was impressive,” Gale said. “Vail Resorts doubled their commitment and several new businesses stepped up.”

The event rotates annuall from school to school. Gale’s beloved offspring attend Red Hill Elementary School in Gypsum. Gale’s co-chair, Kelly Fralick from Edwards Elementary, will be passed the baton Oct. 27 at Pazzo’s.

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