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‘window into islam’

Join Charles Lloyd as he opens the “Window into Islam.” How are we to understand the violent tensions between the West and the Middle East? Many on both sides would say that its cause is fundamentally religious, that Islam is incapable of accommodating societies animated by different faiths. Is this true? Is the cruel and angry face outsiders see in al-Qaida the true face of Islam? Or does it have other faces, faces we overlook precisely because they are less aggressive? This course explores these and other questions by surveying the basic beliefs of Islam and by following the course of its relations with the West over the last two centuries. If you are interested, please contact Colorado Mountain College's Edwards campus, either in person or online, and register for the non-credit course: Windows into Islam (PHI-901-VESS). This course meets for two hours (7 to 9 p.m.) Tuesday evenings starting Jan. 21 and ending Feb. 25. Lloyd has a Ph.D. in religious studies from Yale and has taught religious studies at SMU.

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