Wine and spirit reviews in Eagle County |

Wine and spirit reviews in Eagle County

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Vail CO, Colorado
Theo Stroomer/Vail DailyZwack Liqueur, a Hungarian herb spirit, tastes similar to Jagermeister but it's slightly mellower with a bitter aftertaste.

There is a whole lotta spicy food in the world: Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Creole to name a few. But sometimes finding a wine that pairs well with flavorful cuisine can be a formidable challenge. The De Loach Zinfandel 2003 is a good option to experiment with.

“It is a darker style fruit and the wine is fruit forward,” said Travis Flores, a wine distributor at Beaver Liquors and sommelier. It has the flavor of cranberries and other dark fruit, especially berries.

The wine works well with spice because it’s sweeter and can cut through spicy flavors. When eating spicy food generally you want to avoid dry and tannic wines, Flores said.

The wine, which hails from the Russian River Valley in California, is estate bottled, which means that all the grapes used in this wine are from the winemakers own property, and they aren’t buying fruit to supplement what they grow. The wine is made from grapes grown on old vines, some planted in 1895.

Even though this wine is sweeter than I usually like, it was quite tasty with the pot of jambalaya I paired it with. At $17.99 it is a wine I would consider keeping around to drink with all spicy fare.

Jessica Slosberg, Daily Staff Writer

This New Zealand white wine smells of ripe tropical fruit so fragrant, it’s easy to ignore the snow swirling outside and imagine yourself drinking it beach side. The wine smells significantly sweeter than it tastes, but there are definite lemon, melon and even guava flavors. As you can guess by the year (2007), drink this wine now.

Wine Spectator awarded this wine 90 points, and for good reason. It’s intense, but easy to drink.

Likewise, it’s good by itself, with cheese and crackers or can easily be paired with light seafood dishes, chicken or salad. I think I’ve found my new house white in this classic sauvignon blanc.

Caramie Schnell, High Life Editor

The round shape of the Zwack bottle is rumored to resemble the original Molotav cocktail bottle, according to the crew at Beaver Liquors. The liquors Web site seems to verify this claim” “Zwack played a key role in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against the Communists when Zwack bottles were used to fight back Soviet tanks after ammunitions ran out.”

This Hungarian Herb liqueur reminds me of Jagermeister, but slightly mellower with a bitter aftertaste. Zwack, which is known as Unicum in Europe, is made from 40 natural herbs and spices. The Zwack family has been making it since 1790 and it’s known as the official shot of Hungary. The thick liqueur is aged in oak casks for six months before being packaged in a distinctive dark-green, round bottle.

Since college, Jager doesn’t go down very smoothly for me but if it’s your shot of choice, then you should definitely check out Zwack.

Caramie Schnell, High Life Editor

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