Wine snob who who can speak to the people |

Wine snob who who can speak to the people

Chris Irvins of Eat! Drink! loves to wine.

It’s no secret that the Vail drinking public is an educated lot. Long before “Sideways” pushed pinot to the forefront, we were enjoying pairings that showcased the food-friendly nature of the quaff. “Wine is fun and easy,” says Chris Irvins of Eat! and Drink! It’s just this attitude that makes him a valley favorite. The Edwards establishment is a wine bar on one side and a wine shop on the other; both sides are designed to empower the drinker with knowledge.

Steven Teaver of Vail’s Ludwigs began brewing beer with his dad in high school. “There were limited recipes, limited things you can do,” he says. “But with wine, each vintage brings something new, and I love that. It’s a lot of work to keep up ” a lot of tasting.” Kevin Furtado at Larkspur has been spreading the gospel of pinot for years. “I’m lucky to be in a place where I can do what I love,” says the sommelier and wine consultant, who is often available on his days off for phone-in pairing questions. Willem Johnson spends his summers on Nantucket and his winters at Zach’s Cabin in Bachelor Gulch. That will all change when his winery gets built in Wolcott. A sommelier for

12 years, he loves his job. “I get to eat and drink for a living,” he says.

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