Winners announced for Tell Us Your Love Stories contest: Finding love on social media |

Winners announced for Tell Us Your Love Stories contest: Finding love on social media

Katherine Sheppard would have never found her match on because his profile was private, but he found her and the rest, as they say, is history.

If love is behind every corner, then I might be walking in circles.

Maybe I could learn from the winners of our Tell Us Your Love Stories contest.

We asked you to send us your love stories from social media dating sites, and we received more than a dozen entries. The top three submissions will receive a prize, and hopefully everlasting love.

From finding love in the back of an Uber Pool to trying to navigate Tinder for the first time, here are our winners of the Tell Us Your Love Stories contest.

I couldn’t help but think that Uber Pool was doing all the work for me that night and had presented me with an option that I would have never swiped left on.

Mountain Magic in an Uber Pool

It wasn’t until I stepped into my Uber Pool that I realized my life would be changed forever.

It was 2 a.m. and after several drinks at The George I was ready to check my Tinder messages in hopes of the perfect match. Little did I know that Uber Pool would offer me my perfect match that very night.

We were both transplants — from the East Coast — from the same neighborhood — looking for the same mountain experience. We laughed about the transition from polluted city air to altitude sickness, trying to decide which was worse.

I couldn’t help but think that Uber Pool was doing all the work for me that night and had presented me with an option that I would have never swiped left on.

Unfortunately, his stop came sooner than I expected and by that time all my liquid courage had been drained. As he said goodnight and I drove away, the only information I had of his was his Uber profile, which only offered a name and the address we stopped at.

While I would like to say the story ended by me contacting Uber and asking for this mysterious customer’s information, this was not how we managed to cross paths again.

It was a few weeks later I was sitting on the Centennial Express Lift swiping through my Tinder options that the person next to me poked fun at the fact that I was completely absorbed by my phone instead of the views. I laughed and mentioned that the options seemed better than anyone I had met so far at The George during happy hour.

At this point, you may think we would have recognized each other, but given that we were dressed head to toe in ski gear, the only visible features were each other’s noses and mouth.

It was when we began to continue our small talk that we quickly realized we had both had the exact same conversation just a few weeks earlier. To confirm the coincidence, we revealed ourselves by taking off our helmets and goggles. It’s a match!

What are the chances that Uber Pool and the Centennial Express lift line matched us instead of Tinder? Us transplants like to call it “mountain magic.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Quinn Berkman

Tinder 101 from 100 miles away

It turns out that our Tinder match was entirely accidental.

Michele was new to Tinder and did not realize that her search settings were set to view people as far as 100 miles away. She was in Boulder; I was in Vail.

In the fall of 2015 — maybe October, I think there was snow on the ground — I swiped. She swiped. Definitely, I thought she was cute and I loved her smile. We messaged a bit in the app, we texted a little. She sent me a photo of the view from her house in Boulder. No date yet.

Then we lost touch. I went out of town to visit family. When I came back, she was gone — no longer on Tinder.

Then she reappeared. She messaged me within the app, asking me to call her. I had not yet entered Michele into my contacts, so I was panicked to find a nearly month-old text string for her number.

Success! We talked and set up a date to meet in Boulder.

On my way to the date, Michele was trying to give me a nice way out. Though I had always been adamantly against any long distance dating (based on experience, mind you), I was not taking the easy out. You can’t postpone a first date.

We met at one of Michele’s favorite spots in Boulder, about 40 yards from where I lived as a CU sophomore a long time ago. Michele greeted me with a kiss. We were nearly the only people in the restaurant and we just sat down and talked.

Michele had only a short amount of time. She and her son were leaving for a Thanksgiving trip to visit family in the morning and she had to go home and get ready. Still, we just sat and talked and used up all of Michele’s available time and then some. She was really sweet.

A few weeks later we met again and a few weeks after that, we met again.

Once we got to January, we were together every single weekend for eight months.

Despite living 100 miles and two mountain passes apart and having two different ski passes (I am an Epic Pass man, she was whatever the Copper-Eldora-Winter-Park pass is called), it was never hard and it was never an obligation — it was always just what each of us wanted to do, and a few things conspired to make our lives together easier, too.

By August we both knew that we were lucky to have found each other and we both knew then that we wanted to be together.

So, we took the leap. By December, Michele, her son Dillon and I lived together in my Avon home. We used Dillon’s holiday break from school to move in, spend some time together and ski together as much as possible. Have I mentioned that Michele is a teleskier, too? For nearly two weeks we skied every day.

More often than not, friends were with us as we worked ourselves into new lives together, but always a ring was in my pocket. After more than a week of skiing around, constantly running into friends, joining most for runs as I showed Michele my favorite places on the mountain, I thought I had her in the perfect spot to propose, but she skied away.

Yet I persisted and she said yes.

We were married this past September with friends and family up at Tigiwon Cabin.

Ben Kleimer

California Beach Girl meets Colorado Mountain Man

I found the love of my life on It’s a simple story — but it’s a real one. I was, at first, embarrassed to say I found my true “match” online, but when it is meant to be, who cares how a couple met, right?

After sifting through many an email from hopefuls and borderline sociopaths from the site, I am so glad that Joe “clicked on my head.” His profile was hidden, so I would have never found him via a search even if I tried — something I wasn’t even aware was possible as this was my first experience being on an online dating site. Not to mention, I had only been active for four short days.

We first connected in September 2016, when he reached out to me. We met for drinks the very next night. And while my first thought was that he was “too nice” and a little too “corporate,” the chemistry was undeniable. The evening concluded with a tender hug.

We met again a couple nights later and the connection continued. He loves to say that at the end of that evening, when he leaned in for a kiss goodnight and was hoping for “a little tongue,” he was met with a peck on the lips and “a wall of teeth.” We still laugh about that one. This was something I didn’t want to rush as I thought this could be my man and we might actually be in this together for the long haul.

Our third date was a whirlwind of dinner, drinks, a little pool playing at a local dive bar in Boulder, just hanging out — and shall we say the rest is history.

He taught me to ski, fish and road cycle in Vail. I moved from Denver to the Vail Valley for love a mere five months later. I found a job because all that mattered was to have this man in my life. Love makes one do crazy things.

We have been together now for 17 months. We have had our disagreements and have had to learn to accept one another’s differences, but our love continues to grow stronger and I hope to spend the rest of my life with him.

Palm trees, shifting sand, bikinis and sunsets have been traded for pine trees, billowy pow, snow pants and star-lit skies.

Katherine Sheppard

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