Winners of Pink Colorado photo contest announced |

Winners of Pink Colorado photo contest announced

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Vail, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado – Vail Valley photographers earned themselves the lion’s share of winning spots in the statewide Pink Colorado Photo Contest.

Independent photographers from the Vail Valley took home 13 out of 26 spots in the giant exhibition that will turn the town of Eagle pink to raise awareness about pre-menopausal breast cancer. The Shaw Regional Cancer Center’s Pink Colorado Event will turn the 26 finalist photos into huge displays on the walls and roofs of buildings throughout Eagle this summer. The exhibit will launch June 23 and last through Sept. 16.

The top submissions came from amateur and professional photographers across the state, and depicted a diverse range of subjects, from blow dryers to bridges to butterflies. But the 26 chosen pieces have two things in common: They are excellent examples of photographic skill, and they all use an element of pink in a powerful way to get the word out about pre-menopausal breast cancer, and the importance of early detection.

Twenty-year-old Edwards resident Ilse Cervantes heard about the photo contest on the radio on her way to a post-operative appointment at the Shaw Regional Cancer Center in Edwards following a double mastectomy. The Battle Mountain High School graduate, whose strong family history of breast cancer prompted a battery of tests, ended up deciding to have both breasts removed as a precaution after she tested positive for a gene mutation that can cause breast and ovarian cancer. Cervantes’s photo shows a row of topless male and female models from behind as they look out over the Eagle River with hands in each other’s pockets. The only display of color in the otherwise black and white photo is on the pink jeans on the figure in the middle.

“Just like a pair of jeans, breast cancer can be seen anywhere and anyone can have it,” Cervantes said of her photo. “Male or female, breast cancer can strike any gender, but with the help of those beside you, you can fight it and beat it.”

In addition to communicating a potentially life-saving message, the Shaw Regional Cancer Center’s Pink Colorado Event will raise funds for some of the state’s pre-eminent cancer support programs and research facilities.

“I was impressed by the images because they truly reflect the impact cancer has on all of us,” said contest judge and Denver TV news anchor Anne Trujillo. “It touches everyone … men, women, children, people in small towns and big cities, people from all walks of life.”

The contest finalists were selected by a panel of notable Coloradans out of 300 hundred photo entries. The panel of judges included Trujillo; John Fielder, the wildlife photographer; Chris Anthony, the pro skier and Warren Miller film star; Kelly Liken, of Restaurant Kelly Liken and a “Top Chef” and “Iron Chef” contestant; and Peggy Carey, the vice president of oncology at the Shaw Cancer Center.

Gypsum resident Marvin Franklin, who earned recognition for his photo “Red Cliff Bridge,” said he was “intrigued by the challenge of the contest.” As he considered ideas for subjects, he tried to think of something that would illustrate “pink” and “support.” The end result was a dramatic black and white shot of a pink Red Cliff Bridge spanning a snow-covered chasm.

“I looked at that bridge and it kind of connected all those ideas,” Franklin said.

Finalists from Eagle County in the Shaw Regional Cancer Center’s Pink Colorado Event:

Dawn Key

Steve DePalma

Dominique Taylor

Rick Myers

Marvin Frank

Robin Sobieski

Laurie Dusenberry

Richard Vossler

Libby Holsan

Suzanne Sloan

Dan Davis

Brian Maloney

Pam Boyd

Wendy Griffith

Jill Myers

RA Beattie

Eddie Mason

Kim Blackford

Steve Taylor

Steve Chinn

Rick Spitzer

Summers Moore

Julie Overy

Rebecca Moidel

Carrie Calvin

Carol Calinoff

Ilse Cervantes

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