Winter starts here |

Winter starts here

This year’s Best of the Vail Valley is one of those economies-of-scale projects that includes both summer and winter. This is winter. It starts here and works its way naturally, organically toward the center ” like the America electorate ” where it meets the summer section coming from the other way.

Any explanation more complicated than that requires an understanding of quantum physics, or maybe even Finnegan’s Wake.

This whole thing was the brainchild of Mark “Big Ideas” Bricklin. Cassie Pence rode herd on it, which is a little like herding cats, Matt Bernhardt designed everything, and Randy Wyrick is responsible for all the good writing. The puns and bad jokes he’ll blame on someone else.

We had five times more responses this year than any previous year. We thank you, right up to the time Matt Stein had to tabulate them. If your favorite didn’t win, start stuffing the ballot box for next year.

Enjoy, because we sure did.

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