Winter was warmer, April was wetter |

Winter was warmer, April was wetter

Cliff Thompson

AVON ” Last month was hotter and had more precipitation than what occurs during a typical April, Avon weather watcher Frank Doll said.

The temperatures reflected some wild, windy weather that brought abrupt temperature changes. The high temperature was a summer-like 76 on April 19 and the coldest, 12, on April 1. The average daily temperature was 45.2 degrees.

While there was less snow than average, 9.7 inches, rain showers brought the monthly precipitation slightly above average, at 2 inches.

Last winter

Doll, who has been tracking weather readings from his back yard in Avon since 1968, compiled statistics for the winter that showed it, too, was warmer and wetter than average.

The coldest temperature was – 12 degrees Nov. 30 and the warmest temperature of the winter, 64, on Nov. 18.

“Gee whiz, it’s been a good long while since we had 20 below,” he said.

There was 111.4 inches of snow from Nov. 1 to April 30. That’s 7.4 inches ahead of the 31-year average.

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