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Wireless wonderland

Don Rogers

Put the nodes atop lampposts, under bridges, disguised as fire hydrants (protected somehow from those dogs, of course). Put them wherever, on whatever. Just so they do go up in Vail for that village-wide wireless network.This will be fun for visitors, and pay dividends for emergency workers with higher speed access.Hmmm, there just might be some application for newspaper editors and such seeking refuge from the office in Eagle-Vail while staying in touch. (For a lot of communication, maybe even most, nothing beats e-mail even with colleagues a few feet away; they don’t have to know you’re conducting your end at Seibert Circle or thereabouts.)World-class wireless in a town constantly reaching for such quality will be great. So here’s a plea for the town Design Review Board and the Town Council to be concerned, yes, but not too obsessive about the minute aesthetical considerations. The nodes look fine on lampposts, for example. Who would notice anyway? Besides, the only truly butt ugly structure in Vail is the microwave tower next to the Middle Creek apartments. Now there’s an aesthetic project for the town governors of design.CenturyTel can take a biggish step up with its PR in Vail, and more so with wireless for emergency services along I-70.Meantime, Avon, Beaver Creek, Arrowhead and Edwards communities are watching with a great deal of interest.So, again, Vail serves as our headwaters of progress.Vail, Colorado

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