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Wisdom: Beaver Creek bear buffet

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Don’t blame speed

The focus on speed as the cause of accidents is tunnel vision at its finest. Driver training, particularly ice driving training, would reduce accidents far more than lowering the speed limit. Requiring snow tires in the winter would dramatically reduce accidents. Enforcing the chain law for trucks would also increase safety.


One-sided views

Between Art Kittay, Mikki Futernik, and Dr. Pintzow, the implication is pretty clear: If you write an opinion on the complex and many-sided Israeli/Palestinian issue that DARES differ from the ultra right wing, (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) perspective, then you must be a Jew-hating, terrorist-aiding fool who works for Hamas.

If you people even cared a fraction as much for America as you do for Israel the world would be a better place.


Spoiling it for us

The bad apples (a.k.a. bad drivers) who opt for Darwinian self-selection on I-70 shouldn’t spoil the bunch. Again, who exactly comprises the task force? Nobody seems to know. Do they have any credibility? Why don’t we form “Eagle County Public Safety Task Force II” and send a totally contrary letter to Colorado Department of Transportation?


Beaver Creek’s bear buffet

Residents on Holden Road are fined if they don’t have the right bear-proof trash cans, but in Beaver Creek Village it’s a buffet of offerings out of the trash for the local bears.


Wrong about Libby

Your slander against a person doing their duty to their country is despicable, Ms. Stone. Ms. Plame is a victim in all this.


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