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Wisdom: Bring Vail’s BB&B back

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Dont put hopes on PaulRe: Ron Paul could save usSo what are you going to do when Obama wins? Or better yet, when Diebold helps steal the election for the third time for the Repubs and we have Dear Godly Leader Huckabee? Ron Paul ain’t gonna win, man. Sorry. You pin all your hopes and dreams on your personal savior Ron Paul and you might be a little let down.liberaleliteHooray for tripletsRe: January 1, 2008 edition of Town TalkWhat a beautiful sight that is. Congrats to the Spiegel family what a great way to start off 2008 for all of the readers of the Vail Daily. I will be smiling for months now. You just made my year and it hasn’t even started yet. Wow!SaveUSAtoday Bring BB&B backRe: What happened to Vail’s Minnies Deck?Im fully with you. Minnies Deck was an awesome spot. I miss saving a treat from lunch for Minnie. BB&B was a time to look forward to. I will miss it for ever. I think we should start a new BB&B. Keep the same day but different spot.Dejay

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