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Wisdom: Can’t afford Vail’s merchant pass? Don’t get one

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Don’t buy one, then

(Refer to “Some angry about merchant pass price”)

If you don’t like how much the merchant pass costs, then don’t buy it. Problem solved.


Not picking on charter

(Refer to Daily editorial “School board right to delay funds”)

Parents are asking why a school that originally agreed to match the socio-economic population percentages of the rest of the district and doesn’t, is asking for favors. Any school that limits classes to 16 kids will have a wait list, and any school with all native English-speaking students is guaranteed to have good test scores. Apples to apples, Charter students do NO better on CSAPs than their English speaking peers in the rest of the district.

What does a “right to district funds” mean? As a part of the district, they already get the same dollars per pupil as every other kid in the district.


Just because it affects you

(Refer to the Daily editorial “County shouldn’t take it all”)

I just still find it so ironic to read what Don wrote. Why, he sounds like me now! Over and over, in years past, I have asked him personally what this county of ours was going to do when they made it impossible for the middle class (the taxpayer base) to survive here … Ah, when it impacts one personally one DOES change their tune. But I like your tune regardless of the reason why you changed it, Don!


Good teams find a way

(Refer to the blog “Patriots are sore winners”)

You talk about class and then say you want to see Brady’s facemask smashed into his throat? When have the Patriots ever said an untoward word about an opponent unless provoked? And so they barely beat the Colts. Good teams find a way to win even if they don’t play well.


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