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Wisdom: Can’t compare Vail to Aspen

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

It’s like ‘Seinfeld’

Re: “Deal clears the way for Arrabelle opening”

Will this Katz guy even be around next spring? He kinda reminds me of the character Bania on Seinfeld. A couple of meetings ago he was best friends with the attorneys from the Timber Ridge project, now he is rubbing up to Mr. Faessler, who will it be next week? Will he be giving Mr. Foley a backrub?

It must be pretty bad for Mr. Katz not to have his miner bird ” Rob Slifer ” on the council anymore.


All must suffer

Re: “Like Vail’s old lifts? Must like lift lines”

Must make skiing miserable for all. We prunes have been skiing since the ’20s. We froze our … off in lift lines so all must suffer as we did. Must make skiing miserable for all. Itch about any new improvements.

Vail Skier

Turning it into junk

Re: “Like Vail’s old lifts? Must like lift lines”

You obviously don’t understand, that is part of what keeps the snow back there for just a little longer. Unless you are headed to Sun Up/Sun Down to chair 5 early you have to decide whether it is worth it to you to ski that terrain knowing you will have to wait a considerable amount of time at chair 5. And if you were caught off guard by the lines you are either a gaper or a touron. Everyone who actually skis Vail knows that area is a junk show on a powder day.


Can’t compare Vail and Aspen

Re: “Vail’s still throwing money away”

Aspen and Pitkin County aren’t growing nearly as fast as Eagle County, so it’s much easier to reduce the mill levy because they don’t have to meet the same needs as Vail and Eagle County. They also have a multi-jurisdictional housing authority in place to take care of their affordable housing needs. We do not.


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