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Wisdom: Charter school deserves funding

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Charter school support

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Why is the charter school the bad guy here? Obviously many parents desire this choice and resent the fact that their kids cannot attend.

The real bad guy here is the school district. They have chosen to not replicate this successful model and instead fund choices that serve fewer children such as Red Canyon High School, the New America School, dual language and the TAP program. The choices the school district makes also haven’t increased achievement. We need to stop shooting the messenger and develop school models that work to increase achievement for the students we have as well as allowing parents choice.


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Don’t remove funding

(Refer to “Charter school part of district”)

I have no children, but have always supported the schools through positive votes for the system on its bond issues, etc. If they cut off the charter school from this funding, I will vote against every future bond issue, etc. Too many children here have had their path straighten out by the charter school, thus saving them in the end from being a failure of the public school system. Please bring in former charter school students who have gone through our district to your meetings and allow them to explain why the charter school assured them a positive future, but at the same time they feel let down by the district after their high school educations.

long timer

School board decisions

(Refer to “Outcry stalls charter school money”)

Isn’t this the same school board that allowed John Brendza to make bad decisions, ruin morale, run off excellent employees and dismantle the upper management of the school district before being paid off?


Love those Yorkies

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I understand where you’re coming from, but Yorkies are so sweet and I think if you gave him a chance he’d grow on you! Aside from the expense and not being allowed by the apartments, they really do bring a light into the family …


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