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Wisdom: Construction traffic can be dangerous

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Educate our kids

(Refer to “Are we preparing our kids?”)

My suggestion is that a life course be required in all high schools. This course would teach how to balance a checkbook, purchase insurance, buy a house, etc.

I spoke with the principals of the district high schools. Red Canyon is the only school who offers such a course. Bravo to them!

I want my child to grow up and be a significant part of this world.


News about Iraq

The Associated Press news out of Diyala and Baghdad paints a different story as usual. Murder, mayhem continue.

Eagerly awaiting the Bush whitewash of the Petraeus September report to keep the war and his governance of lies and incompetence going.

proud, liberal ex-Marine

Interstate 70 crash

(Refer to “Man critically injured in seven-car crash.”)

This sucks. Hopefully, the great Vail traffic jam will be better managed after this. More signs or whatever it takes to better inform drivers of the backup.


Road construction

(Refer to “Man critically injured in seven-car crash.”)

This backup has been all summer and for what? A few hundred feet of higher wall? Why didn’t they just put up street lights, which would have made the drive through there much easier and safer. These so-called repair, upgrade jobs have to be completed quicker. They strip pavement off and leave it for months before replacing it. Can’t these jobs be better coordinated?


Immigration raids

(Refer to “Union: Federal immigration raids ‘increasingly militant'”.)

12,000 people were detained? How many of these people were employers? Aren’t they also responsible?

Herd up these lawbreakers also and maybe some of the jobs will start drying up.


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