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Wisdom: Crime happens in Eagle County

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Making the problem worse

Re: “Victims of illegal immigration”

The victims of illegal immigration will be our children ” the Generation X group. What this writer quoted from the contractor: “They’re not paying the taxes and insurance that I am.”

… Wages have been suppressed to the point that legit contractors cannot feed their own families, now entitling them to public aid programs too. It is a vicious circle and groups such as Catholic Charities, and Gould Construction only add to it, compounding the problem.


Crime happens in Eagle County

Re: “Eagle County gets few details on sex predator”

Wake up people. Just because this is the Vail Valley doesn’t mean that there aren’t crimes, even unimaginable crimes that happen every day just like they do everywhere else. Someone just getting released from jail is probably more trustworthy than your neighbor. The fact of the matter is, don’t trust anyone.


U.S. aid to Israel

Re: “Israelis aren’t going anywhere”

The Israelis are very tough and they are surely not going anywhere. They have all the weapons and technology they need to defend themselves. And, again, I agree that other Arab nations use the Palestinians as pawns and fodder in their propaganda to influence the support of other nations. Now, please tell me why America should continue to support both sides of this ancient war, considering that Arabs get three times the aid as Israel from America, and Israel, our ally,” lies to the U.S.A. to do its bidding, and sells military secrets to our enemies?


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