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Wisdom: Cyclists are guilty, too

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Negative propaganda

(Refer to “Why right-wing radio works”)

Undermining our military’s efforts in Iraq with constant propaganda that the war is already lost and talking of surrender does not save lives. It is unfortunate that we must waste so much time and effort countering all the negative propaganda that’s generated right here at home.


Cyclists, share the road

(Refer to to the letter to the editor, “Bike safety solution”)

In regards to sharing the road with bikers on highway, may I ask that you bikers do the same. It is unreasonable for you to ride tandem and extend over the white lines so that I have to pull around you impacting the oncoming traffic. Those of you who are doing this are the ones who cause the auto drivers many headaches and near heart attacks …


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