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Wisdom: Cyclists don’t follow the rules

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Do cyclists know the rules?

I am aware that cyclists are obligated to know the rules of the road. My question is, do most of them actually know it and would they be opposed to taking a test to prove they understand those rules?

The hazards of trying to “compete” against a two-ton car are obvious. Yet I see many cyclists riding two or three abreast in spite of the hazards. I see cyclists weaving around cars stopped for a red light or turning right and then pulling a U-turn in order to avoid the “inconvience” of unclipping.

It’s obvious that most bikers want the convenience of the law to protect them but but are unwilling to be inconvenienced themselves.


Recall is about choice

The recall is all about choice, and “Anybody But Menconi” means just what it says. It means Menconi must be fired and anyone who replaces him is sure to be an improvement. The recall petition will put the recall of Menconi of the ballot.

It’s all about choice, and the recall is our only option, it is our right, and it is our civic duty. You do not have to agree with the reasons to agree with your fellow citizens’ right to pursue the recall. This is democracy in action.


Too many NIMBYs

(Refer to “Edwards condos don’t fit”.)

It is too big! It doesn’t fit in! Sounds like Edwards has it’s own Solaris/Crossroads to deal with it. It may be ugly, but that is a matter of personal opinion and taste. The French almost tore down the Eiffel Tower for the same reasons.

If we are in such a “crisis” how can we turn down 44 affordable units at any cost. We have been told that the whole economy will collapse and tourists won’t come here if we don’t have middle-class families.


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