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Wisdom: Debating Hasan’s senate bid

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Hasan isn’t prepared

(Refer to “Candidate wants to be ‘Western Slope warrior'”)

(Muhammad Ali) Hasan is just like Hillary Clinton. He has no real life experience. Colorado can’t afford for him to be an intern with on-the-job training. He has never had to struggle as he has grown up in the lap of luxury.


Give him a chance

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(Refer to “Candidate wants to be ‘Western Slope warrior'”)

Is it not enough that Hasan is well-educated, a dedicated man, and has personal experience working in the fields that need addressing in our county such as education? If for no other reason than his obvious passion for our district, I am of the opinion that he should at least be given a fair shake to prove his knowledge and ability to lead before he is drug through the mud soley based on his upbringing.


Hasan’s experience

(Refer to “Candidate wants to be ‘Western Slope warrior'”)

Zuzu claims that Muhammad cannot relate to “working people,” but I would argue that by working with the school district on TAP issues, Muhammad has shown more of a concern for those working people than Al White has in his eight years as our representative in the House. White never even shows his face in Eagle County unless he is trying to gain your vote. In addition, Muhammad has “real life” experience that is not easily discounted. His experience as a teacher in an extremely low-income public school was a tougher job than one could imagine.


Better than Al White

(Refer to “Candidate wants to be ‘Western Slope warrior'”)

As an independent voter, I’m am very pleased to see Muhammad considering a run to represent us in the state Senate. Why am I not surprised that zuzu’s comment didn’t include a single argument but instead resorted to baseless personal attacks?

This is typical of the “we-owe-Al-White” crowd.


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