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Wisdom: Don’t blame smokers

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Where are the police?

(Refer to the Tipsline titled “I had the right of way”)

The joke is the Avon police. More crime, more people almost killed (myself included) in roundabouts. But where are they? They’re in their new shiny cars making sure people go 25 around Nottingham Lake, harassing smokers … I say let the Sheriff run Avon and let the Avon Police harass people on the highways.


Don’t go to Iraq

(Refer to “Ex-ski bum will train Iraqi cops”)

Dear Dan,

Please do yourself, your family, and everyone else in Eagle County a favor and stay home. You are not going to change anything in Iraq. We surely need you more then they do and we appreciate you. You have no idea what a mess you are about to walk into.

Jon Silver

Kids health program

(Refer to “No compassion here”)

Why is it the government’s obligation to subsidize this expense? Alex Miller treats it as a foregone conclusion that the government should be obligated to subsidize this expense.


No new taxes

(Refer to “Tax on bricks and mortar? You decide”)

I wholly agree with Mr. Moffet that it does not make sense to tax baby food and not tax nails! However where he goes wrong is the notion that Vail needs a new tax at all. Anyone who walks around Vail and sees all the projects the town has undertaken must realize that Vail does not need new taxes what it needs is some spending discipline. So what Mr. Moffet should suggest is eliminating just as many taxes as this new tax will take in and then and only then will the voters favor this tax.

vail resident

Generous residents

(Refer to the “Church shows New Orleans hasn’t been forgotten”)

Wonderful article, Melanie, about the fabulous work Steve, his wife Karen and all the volunteers from our local Episcopal church have been doing in New Orleans. They are some of the most generous, kind, and humble people I have met in my life and they are the kind of people who truly make us proud to be part of the Eagle County community.


Are you kidding me?

(Refer to “Anti-smoking rap overblown”)

Sorry Austin, you are mistaken. The smoking discussion in Avon is about smoking tobacco. The stuff you’re smoking that would allow you to write such ridiculous drivel is already illegal.


Don’t blame smokers

(Refer to “Anti-smoking rap overblown”)

Points well made and generally agreeable, Austin. These anti-smoking fanatics need to put their energy into outlawing cigarettes, not getting high-and-mighty on the smokers themselves. The cigarette makers are the ones at fault here.


Why do we have to pay?

(Refer to “Can we create cheaper child care?”)

This is nothing but the government raising our children at taxpayer expense. The next thing you know the kids will all have little gray caps with a red SOS printed on them … The only redeeming factor is that anything that Menconi, Runyon and Fisher start, can be stopped. We need to replace Runyon with a fiscal conservative that has some life experience and common sense next year.


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