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Wisdom: Eagle Co. builders, pack your bags

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: “Eagle Co. housing rules on wrong track”

Very nice article, Debbie. Your message is clear and simple.

However, I am not too worried about prices of homes climbing ” I cannot imagine a single scenario where anyone will develop in Eagle County under these rules. Peter, Arn and Sara have put a de facto moratorium on development within the county. This is sweet music to the ears of the no-growthers.

Builders, carpenters, architects and engineers had better pack their bags … oh, and the houses they leave behind can be seized by the politburo and given to the remaining locals.


Why charge mountain drivers?

Re: “Eagle Co. housing rules on wrong track”

Replacement of the I-70 overpass where the Colorado Stock Show is held will cost over $800 million that CDOT does not have. I don’t see the Front Range representatives suggesting a toll on that section of I-70!

Tolling should be part of an overall statewide plan. Why should one region get its roads maintained and improved out of the gas taxes that we all pay, while other regions have to pay a daily toll for the same services?


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