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Wisdom: Eagle Co. funds wasted on ranch

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Open space funds wasted

When people voted for an open space tax, do you think they envisioned the protection of lands outside the county? Did they vote for financial assistance to millionaires for scrubland in Burns? Did they vote for the protection of lands surrounding sewage treatment plants in Basalt? Did they vote for easements that provide no access for the public, but rather trophy elk hunting access for jet-setters?

Please show me one trail or fishing spot that has opened since they began collecting those tens of millions of dollars.

The Radical Moderate

Best bang for the buck

(Refer to “Renewable energy means higher rates”)

In October 2006, Xcel Energy raised residential rates 7.73 percent or $4.43 per month due to fossil fuel price increases. The most recent plan shows only a $0.79 per month increase. This is much lower than the rate of inflation and represents the lowest cost option to providing Coloradans reliable energy. Oh and by the way, it reduces greenhouse has emissions by 10 percent. http://www.xcelenergy.com.

Jigar Shah

Put Gypsum in charge

(Refer to “Can’t afford Eagle River Station”)

The way to solve the problem so that Jan Doom and Gloom Townsend can get some sleep at night is very simple. Gypsum should annex Eagle.


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