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Wisdom: Eagle Co.’s culture is changing

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Culture is changing

Re: “Eagle County students test their English skills”

I just don’t understand how American citizens can sit back and let this happen. Most of these people do not belong here. When are people going to wake up and understand that illegals and anchor babies are taking over this great country. Our culture as we know it will never be the same. The illegals and their offspring have no intention of assimilating.


A-Basin needs more snowmaking

Re: “New bowl is steep, snowy, skiers say”

I was all in favor of A-Basin adding new terrain, but skiers are going to hate this new area in low snowfall years. It has taken until mid-January to open this area when the snowpack is 120 percent of normal!

One or two more storms is the only thing that doesn’t change in this story. I predict that this new area will be closed more than it is open. I also predict that there will be years when it is not open at all.

I am in favor of adding new terrain since A-Basin is always crowded, but maybe more snowmaking would benefit the resort.

Vail Skier

CSAP a waste for high-schoolers

Re: “Eagle Co. high schooler prefers college tests”

John Pacheco is such a breath of fresh air and voice of reason for our school district. Let’s hope our new superintendent can carry on his problem-solving, ” fix-it” attitude and raise the bar where it should be for a community of our stature.

CSAPs are a waste of time for high-schoolers. I have been a volunteer proctor during testing and watch our best and brightest go down the page randomly checking off answers to finish the test as quickly as possible. They don’t care and honestly, why should they?


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