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Wisdom: Eagle Co. schools " stick to education

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Vail CO, Colorado

Re: “Eagle County teachers want single-family homes”

What makes the district believe they can or should get into the business of affordable housing? They do such a good job teaching our children and have more than enough money and time to take care of what they need to do now. Wake up! I got an idea, pay them what their worth and cover their insurance then housing isn’t an issue.


Re: “Eagle County teachers want single-family homes”

Wouldn’t we all, as newly hired employees, like to have our employers help us with financing and down payments instead of buying our first starter home in “large developments of low-cost apartments and condos.” But folks, life is not like that anywhere in the U.S.A. and we taxpayers are their employers! You start small (it is called a “starter home” for a reason) …


Re: “Eagle County teachers want single-family homes”

This is a survey of what employees of the district want. Do you want them to lie just so as not to anger the great and mighty HM? If the district does not ask these questions, then we do not know what teachers’ wants/needs are. If they want something they cannot get, then they go someplace else. If they go someplace else, then we have a churning pool of teachers and the quality of our children’s education suffers. It is a catch-22.


Re: “Eagle County teachers want single-family homes”

The school district needs to stay in the teaching business, and not the mortgage industry. The reason the district is continuously getting hammered is due to recent free spending practices. Who’s money do you think they’re spending? Hellooooo, are you there? Of course we need quality teachers, there’s no doubt about it. Do we need to pay them what they’re worth? Absolutely! But, should taxpayers pick up the tab on their mortgages? No way!


Re: “Eagle County teachers want single-family homes”

What about hotel, restaurant and other hospitality workers? Where does it end? How many of the people that live in this valley received government assistance to purchase their first home? Were they happy to live a condo in Eagle-Vail, or did they feel the government should provide them with single family homes?


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