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Wisdom: Eagle Co. teens forced to grow up

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

You can’t be serious

Re: “Nanny in my backyard”

I assume this is tongue-in-cheek. Go ahead and do away with your association and see where that gets you. How about a 1973 Chevy Blazer on blocks in the parking lot. How about a bunch of renters with their huge stolen orange “HUNTERS WELCOME” banner flying from their deck. How about a neighbor deciding they would like their section of the townhouse’s exterior to be a nice shade of periwinkle. Oh, and good luck getting the roof replaced when your neighbor is tapped out because he spent all his cash on that wonderful paint job. You would be much better off by being active on the board and ensuring it is reasonably enforcing your covenants and hammering your snow-removal and landscape providers by not paying for services that do not meet their contractual obligations.


Too much authority

Re: “Nanny in my backyard”

Association power has gone far beyond what benefits their members. Their conduct (and the lack of state oversight) makes your investment in your home far more at risk than someone who lives “beyond the gates.” Worse, this is by design. The Community Associations Institute does not represent a single community association. They represent lawyers, property managers and vendors on the payroll of associations.


Where’s my mail?

Re: “Mail stolen from Colo. mountain mailboxes”

This really undermines my faith in the Postal Service. Especially when the Avon and Wolcott offices can be regarded as the worst in the state. I’d rather have a P.O. box in the UPS store than deal with the folks in Avon. Not to say the counter staff is bad ” the young ladies there are exceptional. But getting Christmas cards in March and court summons weeks after they’re due is just not tolerable.


Worker shortage

Re: “Eagle Co.’s rich should get jobs”

Is the real issue with people who are full time, year-round residents or tourists? I tend to think that it’s the resorts and the tourists they cater to that are causing the worker shortage problems. Many, if not most Eagle County residents do work in the county. In fact, many work two jobs to be able to live in a resort community. It’s the tourists, resorts, and all the businesses created to serve the tourists that are causing a worker shortage.


Uncontrollable teens

Re: “Parents: Drug use rampant among Eagle Co. teens”

Our teens grow up quickly because they are forced to do so. Most parents have their kids learning to drive at 15 or earlier so that when their teen turns 16 they no longer have to chauffeur them around and basically give up control of their teen. Once behind the wheel kids can take off and do whatever and it seems that “whatever” is happening a lot in this valley.


Don’t give them help

Re: “Illegal immigrants may lose Basalt trailers”

Who cares if someone here illegally loses their housing. They are breaking the law just by being here and so are the people giving them jobs.

These immigrants should not turn to the government they don’t support(nor respect), they should turn to the ones giving them their jobs for assistance. Maybe then the employers will realize some of the true costs associated with this cheap labor.


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