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Wisdom: Eagle County doesn’t need big boxes

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Teacher don’t need raise

(Refer to “Eagle County teachers get pay raise”)

Each teacher’s salary is available, it is public record. Print what each individual teacher (by name) is making right now without any raise. It is quite high!

Then compare our “old” teacher salaries to the rest of Colorado s teachers. Again, Eagle County is very high in comparison.

More spend, spend, spend, by our new superintendent who cannot spend fast enough …


Big box stores can hurt

(Refer to “Eagle, resort towns wrestle with big boxes”)

Wal-Mart doesn’t print money that then goes into town coffers. That is sales tax revenue out of the pockets of residents and tourists. So the trick is for towns to figure out how to move that money from the pockets of residents and tourists without having to launder it through a big box that destroys the qualities that make your community so desirable. Dave Gardner Producer/Director Hooked on Growth: Our Misguided Quest for Prosperity http://www.growthbusters.com


Support local business

(Refer to “Eagle, resort towns wrestle with big boxes”)

You let them in, they destroy the beauty. All they care about is the money they put in their pockets, not the locals.

Stay unique. Stay a true mountain town. Stay a true community area supporting the little business owners. That is what this country was founded on, not the big box stores full of items made overseas!


Don’t like it? Don’t open

(Refer to “Will anyone in Vail sell you liquor on Sunday?”)

This is a pointless article. If you don’t want to be open on Sundays, don’t open. Simple really. At least those businesses who aren’t lazy would provide an outlet for people who arrive Saturday night who are not aware there is no liquor sales on Sunday.


Score card ‘a crock’

(Refer to “Vail improves on enviro score card”)

While I think the move towards “greener” resorts is good. People need to realize the Ski Area Citizen’s Coalition is a crock. They have always penalized the organizations that don’t heavily contribute money to their causes. That, and once you start remodeling, renovating, or any slope improvements; down your grade goes. This is the scary part, where the hippies begin hide behind their lawyers and big money. Weird.


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