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Wisdom: Eagle County teachers aren’t paid enough

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Immigration solutions

Re: “26 immigrants let go in Eagle Co.”

Arresting and deporting is part of the solution. In addition, we need to complete the border fence (it has proven to cut down on illegal immigration in Calif), and … aggressively pursue employers who hire illegals, and dry up social services offered to illegals. We also need to increase LEGAL immigration, and not just from south-of-the-border.


Teachers aren’t paid enough

Re: “Teacher don’t need raise”

Wow! What a debate. My husband is a teacher and ya know what, he didn’t get into because of the money. He loves high school age kids and wants to make a difference in their lives. Does he make the money he is worth? No. Does he appreciate the raise? Yes. Teachers across the country don’t make what they are worth. Why anyone would go into teaching is beyond me. Teachers obviously have a passion for what they do. The education system in this country will continue to be low in the rankings until something drastic is done.


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