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Wisdom: Eagle County teachers should be paid more

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Vail tax cuts

Re: “Vail knocks a few dollars off taxes”

Why is it that all you conservative Republicans think fiscal responsibility is to cut spending for the middle class and give tax breaks to the rich?

My understanding is that $48,000 was from taxes owed to the town. The town will never be able to get that back now.

On the balance sheet, cutting revenue is the same as increasing spending.

So I guess we (the people of Vail) spent $48,000 on,as our new Mayor Dick Cleveland says, a symbol. That is a mighty expensive symbol.


Not enough workers

Re: “Deal clears the way for Arrabelle opening”

Have you looked in the paper daily at the “Help Wanted “section? It’s only becoming worse and worse! The only people happy are Vail Resorts Management people, second home owners, and those who live here who do not have to work.

The service in this valley is the worse I have ever seen it in 17 years.

Karma is occurring. Greed breeds greed and destruction, not community.


Low wages make teacher leave

Re: “Teacher don’t need raise”

Listen, you get what you pay for.

You think teachers are paid plenty (or too much even) here (something I’ve heard from a lot of other conservatives). Keep watching the new talent try to make a go of it here in the valley and leave after a couple years. I’ve seen it time and time again.

What’s evident is that you have a disdain for what you call “public employees,” because as a conservative you believe that all government employees and institutions are worthless, even the most underpaid, selfless, dedicated, giving, hard-working public school teacher.

Public school teachers in the valley deserve more respect and more pay, I firmly believe that.


Growth is the problem

Re: “Good news for who?”

It’s news everyday ” the lack of a workforce in this county. So, let’s build more commercial centers and let’s build a million-square-foot mall in Eagle.

Let’s just keep ’em coming, that will solve the problem” not!


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