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Wisdom: Edwards spraypark a wate of water

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: “Edwards spray park opens Friday”

Gee, could we waste water any more?

In a breezy and very arid climate, is this really a good use of water? Anybody know how much water will be lost each day that this thing operates? Seems by looking at the design to be very wasteful indeed! Not very “waterwise” Eagle County! Why don’t you be consistent? You want to use solar and wind power, but waste thousands of gallons of water, a very precious resource in the West! Which is it? Are you concerned about our resources and environment, or not?


Re: “Battling poverty in the classroom”

It is well known that the vast majority of students at Berry Creek are either illegals or children of illegals. It’s interesting to learn that the principal is spending most of his day breaking the law by looking for work for illegals. If these illegal families cannot find work or shelter they need to head back across the border. Our public educators should not spend time or taxpayer dollars breaking the law!


Re: “Battling poverty in the classroom”

I am physically sick at how cold-hearted the response to this article is. Robert Cuevas is helping children, CHILDREN. They come to school to be better educated. They come to school to be better people. They come to school to be better Americans. They can’t help if they were born here or traveled here. But they are here. Until they are not here anymore, do you want to just starve them, infect them, freeze them? … If Robert or other people in America are helping children of any color or race, they should be applauded. What ever happened to love thy neighbor?


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