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Wisdom: Edwards traffic debate

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

This confusing world

(Refer to “Pick the important issues”)

Sadly, many of the ultra-religious, right-wing voters (Bush’s constant 28-percent support group) could care less about where they’d like to be in 2010 or 2100, because they’re praying for their Holy Leader George W Bush to hurry up and bring about Armageddon, and destroy this evil, confusing world we live in, fly all the believers up to heaven with Jesus and Jerry Falwell, and let this world burn in hell.


Fix the car, the driver

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled “Roundabout fix”)

Even if made into two lanes, the out-of-state plate Escalades, Cayennes and Hummers headed into Beaver Creek seem to have malfunctioning turn indicators and will only cut the corner and take both lanes, or perhaps the cell phones planted in the driver’s ear may be a distraction.


No complaints here

(Refer to “How bad can Edwards’ traffic get?”)

You call that traffic? … Try driving in NYC or L.A. for a day before complaining about the traffic here. Count your blessings, we live in a rural village with a single traffic light.

Mr. President

Don’t waste money

(Refer to “How bad can Edwards’ traffic get?”)

Why on earth would Runyon want to spend money making lanes for bicycles when you have a real problem for cars in Edwards today? He has his priorities wrong.


What would you do?

(Refer to “How bad can Edwards’ traffic get?”)

So zuzu, if you were a county commissioner ” and perhaps you have been? ” what would YOU do about the traffic problem that has been brewing for at least four years – certainly longer as these things don’t pop up overnight? …

Bike lanes and roads do not have to be mutually exclusive expenditures.


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