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Wisdom: Enough with the religion debate

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

No minds will change

(Refer to “Atheist is not a four-letter word”)

What a tired subject this is. Hasn’t everybody realized, from the 10,000 faith debates that you have undoubtedly been in, that you’re not going to change anybody’s mind?

If there were one singular thing that I wish would happen when it comes to this problem, it would be that people would stop trying to change other people’s minds.

Some people have faith in God. Some people have faith in trolls. Some people think that the idea of faith is completely asinine. That’s what makes humans interesting.

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Liberals are a threat

(Refer to the Daily editorial titled “Thomas behaving badly”)

Liberals like Tamara have hurt our system of justice. Tamara would have you believe that people are now guilty until proven innocent just because she doesn’t like black conservatives.


Airport interchange

(Refer to “Anxiety downvalley over airport access”)

I want to read what our town manager is going to do without asking for any tax money (surely he has a different workable non-impact solution before approving all of this) …

In other words, the entities themselves (who are the ones making a profit from growth/expansion) are to pay it all if taxpayers don’t, right?


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