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Wisdom: Forget booze, sell cars on Sundays

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Love fresh trees

(Refer to “Searching for Christmas trees in Eagle County”)

We used to do this. We would take three to four vehicles and lots of people so that we could get trees for all of our homes and businesses. It was the only way to get a really big tree.

Real fun begins when you get it home and find out it’s missing a couple of strategic branches. Amazing what can be done with a drill and some screws! But these trees really lasted ” they were honestly “fresh” trees. Good fun.


Sell cars on Sunday

(Refer to “Booze for sale on Sunday in Colorado?”)

Forget about booze, the fact that we can’t buy cars on Sundays is very outdated.


Vail Mountain School

(Refer to “Vail student’s return to New Orleans isn’t easy”)

Vail Mountain School continues to do what it takes to build character in young people today. These values learned while young will be the building blocks for good leaders for our world’s future. Keep up the great work!


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