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Wisdom from the general

Don Rogers

The French, hardly the honest peaceniks that our more gullible citizens seem to have swallowed, have proven a pain in Kosovo, too, by helping enable a Serb enclave the general views as contributing to a post-war mess in that region. Ironically enough, watch the French toady up when they start fearing for their oil contracts in a U.S.-led settling of accounts with Saddam.

As for the United Nations, this august body ducked Rwanda and Kosovo, where delays in strong response resulted in a lot more misery and death. And with the Iraqis in line to chair the U.N.’s disarmament committee and Libya to head up human rights, really, who are we trying to fool here? What moral justification for anything can this organization really claim?

That all said, the general also sees little reason to rush. He sees time yet for diplomacy to wend its way. The Bush administration might do well to slow down just a mite, even though the repercussions on the U.S. and High Country economy would favor quick war now over continued pressure. Brinkmanship has its uses, but so does patience.

Civics lesson

Good to see a full house in the audience at the Eagle County School Board’s meeting this week.

Parents came in relative mass to take up those new class times in store for next year. Some like those new times, and it appears that a lot more frankly don’t.

Maybe the times can be better set, maybe not, but the encouraging thing for observers of the civic process was that citizens made some time to come speak to the leaders of the district in an appropriate forum.

And those leaders will take a lesson from the experience. That’s good, too.

Changed tune

Speaking of lessons, seems Commissioner Tom Stone might have learned one.

He explained this week that Eagle County would not entertain resolutions about the relative merits of war in Iraq, as some towns in the Roaring Fork are thinking about.

He has come a long ways from rather strident support of that resolution back in 2001 supporting anything on President Bush’s mind for fighting terrorism.

Glad to see he’s talking sense now about the ridiculous nature of such resolutions.


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