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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Real estate still soaringWhy are Runyon and Menconi trying to ruin a good economy? They seem to hate wealth because they don’t have it. Why are we adding social programs during a rising economy? These guys just don’t make sense. Why did Peter Runyon make comments about not liking Jews? Can the Vail Daily answer these questions?Re: Ban would snuff out smoking on ski liftsThis ban is nanny-statism at it’s worst, and is proving to be a prime example of the tyranny of the majority over the minority. I, myself, am a non-smoker and I am aghast at the violation of property rights that is occuring. Menconi and others are doing this “all for the children,” that liberal catch-all that is supposed to make us bow down and accept anything they want to shove down our throats. He cites secondhand smoke even though that bugaboo has been discredited in the largest scientific study (bmj.bmjjournals.com) conducted to date. To top all this off, it seems they are going to make the restaurants and Vail Resorts responsible for enforcement. Hopefully this means that I’m going to be issued a badge and will be able to keep some of the fines for myself. Otherwise this is a crock. What am I supposed to do if the smoker gets belligerent? Should I call 911? This is a bad law that is being passed for feel-good reasons without a lot of thought as to the consequences. In the end, if you vote with your heart instead of your head, you’ll get what you deserve.Re: Secondhand legislationYessiree, Menconi’s arm will be mighty sore … . It’s good that we had a shift in power at the county away from the likes of Gallagher and Stone. Heck those two conspired to build a playground, soccer fields and a lake at Freedom Park. While those two were in power, they did things that did nothing to really benefit the community. What a couple of meanies they were. Menconi is a truly inspired leader. Let’s see if he make Harry Frampton keep his word and raise the additional money to landscape the gravel pit.Re: Secondhand legislationThis is what Menconi has been complaining that he couldn’t get done for four years until he became the chairman. Mighty important work. If this is at the top of his agenda, I can’t wait until we get to those lower priority items. Heck, he might decide to come to work at the county on a regular basis!Re: Ban would snuff out smoking on ski liftsWho owns the national forest? don’t they ultimately set the rules for what goes on in the national forests? I think this may be an overreach.Totally nanny-statism. Smoking is bad for you. So is being fat. Are we going to outlaw fat people from skiing because they might have a heart attack and die on the mountain?I really think fat people are impacting the quality of my mountain experience. They should be banned also.If me and my buddies want to have a smoke while riding a chairlift up, who does that hurt exactly? … Clean air? In a lift line? Who you kidding? Aren’t we all pretty much sucking up diesel generator fumes when we stand at a lift line?Are the Eagle County commissioners just a bunch of resort town busy bodies? don’t they have more important things to deal with?Re: Bomb scare clears county courthouseNice job, Scott, on the story. KimRe: Immigration ideas flop among county leadersOne of the more positive bills that may come out of the legislature this year would allow legal U.S. residents fired from companies employing illegal immigrants to sue for unfair trade practices, and forbids companies from claiming wages and benefits paid to illegal employees as business expense deductions.You need to be able to protect the rights of citizens or our society will cease to function properly giving rise to corruption and discrimination. Construction companies hire illegal labor to drop wages and to accelerate “anticipated growth” for their own personal gain. These are short-term gains at the expense of American society, where it be in Denver or anywhere else.Uncontrolled illegal immigration is a prelude to the demise of a disciplined society. We need that discipline to survive, for without it we will lose everything. There are no jobs Americans will not do, for Americans are being replaced through the actions of unscrupulous employers who couldn’t care less about the future of our communities and its children.Vail, Colorado

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