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Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the WebAs a very happy parent at Vail Christian High School I must ask this question in response to this Wisdom from the Web question, “They have science teachers at a Christian school?” Why would you think that they wouldn’t?VCHS teaches chemistry, biology, cellular structures, and even – hold onto your hat now – evolution. As well as teaching about various religions around the world. Including Muslim, Jewish, Christianity and Buddhism.They want to prepare their students for the “real world” and the real world includes all of these I have mentioned. VCHS produces some of the most well-rounded and well-versed students that I know of.I thank God, and I do mean God, our Lord God, for this school. We are very blessed in this valley. Marty Lich.Re: Sex offender pleads guilty, faces 16 yearsWould someone please explain exactly WHY they plea bargain with anyone that has so many offenses? He should get the maximum allowed by law, not give him a deal because he is a frequent flier in the prison system!Re: Letters to the editorRich Howard couldn’t have said it better regarding Peter Runyon and his bigoted stance. Don’t expect an apology and don’t expect the Vail Daily to follow up, either. Runyon must stand behind his words, since we haven’t heard anything different. That’s what we get for electing a left-wing Democrat like Runyon. You have to pass a litmus test to ensure that you are exactly like he is.Re: Letters to the editorPeter Runyon, anti-Semite or just plain stupid? I choose the latter. His socialist tendencies lean towards appeasement, which always fails. With the liberal and bigoted persuasion he has most recently espoused, would he feel different were a Muslim elected president of the U.S.? I dare say that he might support such a ticket as our first step toward capitulation, withdrawal and Islamic conversion of the West.Re: ‘Here I can afford to feed my children’A lot of nice information, but it won’t change a thing. There is to much corruption and companies that just don’t care who foots the bill. ICE especially looks the other way in Colorado and is probably being paid off. Do you really think the Senate is going to pass a bill putting a fence on our southern border? You’re crazy if you think otherwise. Half of the United States Senate is paid off by special interest and foreign governments like Mexico. Their click is investments, not the general public. The days of the so-called “American citizen” is long gone. In fact, you should know that a dog can pass the current citizenship test with flying colors. I guess my question is why does this publication care what kind of social of political statement is being made with articles like this. Its like they have nothing else to write about or be concerned with. Bottom line there is no immigration reform or policies. It’s all trumped up. When was the last time any immigration bill that made it through the Senate in the past 20 years was fully implemented? None. Tom Tancredo sponsored? None. And there never will be. Now put that in your sock and smoke it.Re: ‘Here I can afford to feed my children’Rather a strange article considering the cost of living is a lot lower in Mexico than the United States. Mexico does not offer free medical and educational benefits to its “illegal population.” They just deport them the next day. This group will find its way out of the fields as they have done in the past into construction and manufacturing displacing more American workers and placing an even more social and economic burden on this society. This must be that new “guest worker program” those Democrats have been raving about.Re. Spying helps W.You said “distasteful tactics to preserve our way of life”? Do you want a bloody dictatorship to preserve your way of life? I don’t. Think harder before talking … .Everybody is blind or something in the USA. Does the government give you pills to believe everything it says? It’s time to wake up and yes, to hear what people like M. Zalaznick have to say.Re. Playing Don QuixoteThe reason the TAP program is still being discussed is because it is a flawed program. It is not a merit pay program that rewards merit evenly because the TAP program grades on a curve. For example, a principal works diligently to hire an outstanding staff. This principal succeeds and has a teaching staff of dedicated and very purposeful teachers that know how to raise achievement. The TAP program, due to grading on a curve, now forces this principal to tell 49 percent of the staff that they are below average! Imagine being that principal and deciding whom to evaluate unfairly as you must have teachers in the bottom half of that darned bell curve. Of the other 49 percent, only about half of them, at most, will receive any significant bonus due to the nature of the bell curve. Imagine you work at this school and are one of the very talented teachers sought out by said principal. How long would you stick around receiving average or below average evaluations due to the nature of that darned bell curve? Would you consider leaving because of the damage multiple evaluations of low quality would do to future job applications?Re. One high school or two?I have a great idea. When the time comes to add more classroom space for Battle Mountain High School, turn Red Sandstone into a K-8 school and turn Minturn Middle into an international bacclaurate high school. Both of these should be schools of choice. The IB students could be bused over to Battle Mountain for sports. Problem solved at a much lower cost than $45 million.Vail, Colorado

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