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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Latinos victims of racismSorry, but Latinos use their ethnicity to condone their acts of illegal immigration into the United States. In fact, the Mexican government promotes this type of racism as a preferred method in changing American immigration policies, and by prolonging the enforcement of those laws. If you haven’t noticed the most recent uproar by Latin American governments at the thought of the United States constructing a low tech fence across our southern border. They call this act “racist” or “inhumane” when in reality they are saying, don’t think twice about taking away our meal ticket or we will brand you bigots. These and other cons and tactics have worked well in the media to influence the American public and congressional leaders that immigration policies in America must change to accommodate the so-called “migrant worker” that do the jobs no American will ever do.Re: Latinos victims …Most Latinos like myself have not been the object of racial remarks. There are some generalizations that are the product of honest mistakes, but I’m treated like all persons. Illegal aliens should be treated like any other person that breaks our laws and taken into custody until provided with a swift process. If here illegally, they should be repatriated expeditiously. There is nothing racial in that concept. Remember, Lady Justice is blind.Re: TipslineHere we go, part deux. The speed limit on I-70 at the Edwards exit is 70 mph. Access ramps are provided for drivers to attain the posted speed before merging onto the interstate. Those who enter the interstate below the posted limit are accidents waiting to happen. Get a clue or take a bus.Re: TipslineRidiculous is comparing cigarette exhaust to SUV exhaust. SUVs have nothing more to do with a “smoking ban” than does smoked red herring, and no government in the USA has the right to ban either. Those rights have been usurped by arrogant politicians.Re: LettersFree expression is one thing, promoting such a disturbed and biased individual like Zalaznick to “city editor” goes well beyond free expression. Zalaznick’s bile is PAID FOR by the paper’s unwitting advertisers!We are all free to express ourselves through letters to the editor, wisdom from the web and Tipsline. Why has the Vail Daily provided this Zalaznick cretin a bully pulpit from which to spew his ignorant vitriol? Surely there are better candidates for the position.Re: Tahoe roundaboutsThe roundabouts are a great idea. That’s why almost every country in the world has lots of them. It’s just too bad the traffic engineers in Avon couldn’t make theirs right. They are made incorrectly, which causes havoc when people that know how to use them, drive with people who don’t have a clue. They should take a look at roundabouts in other countries. They are all made the same way with the same amount of lanes entering and exiting the roundabout. Keep them, but fix them. When an accident happens, we know who will be at fault.Re: ‘Here I can afford to feed my children’You are sadly right, so fight back. If no one does our children are the losers here. And they deserve much much more. Re: One high school or two?Battle Mountain gained 43 students between 2002-2003 and gained 31 students between 2003-2004. Total gained is 74. Eagle Valley gained 64 students between 2002-2003, and lost 11 between 2003-2004 for a total gain of 53. (These numbers were found on the school accountability report cards.) Seems to me that the district is jumping the gun on this one, especially since Vail Christian High and the Vail Mountain School have expanded, offering a much-needed option for parents. I question the large classes at the elementary schools, the lack of specials due to lack of enrollment, yet the need for another high school? Let’s see the district increase achievement first, using the ample resources already in place before saddling ourselves with a $45 million high school we don’t need.Re: Life inside a leadership voidYou will never get it Alex. … The energy policy that you dream for is no good if you are not alive. I know that you don’t believe in terrorists as you sip your wine. They exist. We did have over 3,000 innocent civilians murdered on 9/11. If we don’t get them first and destroy their training camps and the dictators that like Saddam who support them, they will get us. Vail, Colorado

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